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Our Home Protection Plan

In order to keep your family safe from a failing or damaged electrical system, it is imperative to have regular maintenance and inspections. In between soccer practice and ballet, it can be hard to remember electrical maintenance, let alone prioritize it. That’s why we offer several services to ensure that your home’s electrical system is
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Why Routine Electrical Maintenance Is Important

Among other things, electricity lights our homes, keeps us warm, and entertains us. But like any valuable technology, these systems need to be routinely maintained in order to perform at their best and safest. There are two major reasons that you should have routine electrical maintenance done: to protect your people, and to protect your
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Smoke Detectors – What You Need to Know

smoke detector

We all have smoke detectors in our homes and businesses, but do we really know much about them? As one of Calgary’s most trusted electrical companies, we get asked a lot of questions about these life-saving devices. Here are the most important facts you should know: Basic Components Every smoke detector at its core has
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