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Upkeeping a Generator at Your Commercial Building

Southern Alberta is a gorgeous place to live and work, but its geographical location does come with some elemental baggage. We happen to inhabit an area that can experience floods, tornados, and blizzards all in one season. These natural disasters pose a great threat to businesses, infrastructure, and even human life. One way to prepare
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Common Winter Electrical Problems

Just as you’re taking down your Halloween decorations, you’ll be putting up your Christmas ones. Winter brings cold noses, frozen roads, and some unique electrical challenges. As the chill starts to set in, don’t forget about the strain you are about to put on your electrical system. Serving our community as emergency electricians, there are
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Watch Out for Loose Outlets

Watch Out for Loose Outlets - 4-Star Electric - Electricians in Calgary

There are a lot of smaller pieces that make up the big picture that is your home’s electrical system. Often, the most ignored of these are the electrical outlets. Many homeowners and renters don’t think to pay attention to them. This can be a grave mistake. Loose or damaged electrical outlets can cause some serious
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