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Electric Heating: Is It Worth It?

In this modern world, home and business owners are constantly on the lookout for high efficiency, lower energy usage, and cost-effective systems. When it comes to heating, most Albertans have stuck to gas-powered furnaces. In fact, Statistics Canada reports that 97% of Albertan homes are heated with natural gas. In recent years, electric heating has
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Standby Generators For Your Office

Standby Generators For Your Office - 4-Star Electric - Electricians in Calgary - Featured Image

Backup generators aren’t just for your home, they can be incredibly useful tools for offices and other commercial spaces as well. If you’ve ever worked in Calgary during the summer, you’ve probably experienced a power outage. This could leave your entire building without electricity for hours or even days. Worse still, outages don’t care if
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Keeping Your Winter Electric Bill Low

Keeping Your Winter Electric Bill Low - 4-Star Electric - Calgary Electricians - Featured Image

Unlike other places in the world, the winter season in Alberta lasts several months and loves to hold on for as long as possible. It’s hard to know when we’ve seen the last of the snow, so that means our heat and light-making systems are always on call. Unfortunately, this constant vigilance can have an
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