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4 Tips to Help You Reduce Your Electricity Bill


Summer time is a great opportunity to reassess your utility bills. With the regular heat waves coming in and the intermittent brownouts, it is a good idea to start finding new ways to reduce the amount of electricity that you and your family use. Switching appliances and having renovations done will definitely help, but before you call up the contractor, here are some simple ways to save:

Close It Up

Doors and windows are areas where the most amount of hot air gets in. This means that your air conditioner is working that much harder to keep the house cool. Check for cracks in these areas and seal them up with caulk and weather-stripping. Closing blinds and curtains will help as well, as they will reflect the heat from the sun away from the home.

Timing is Everything

Instead of breaking out the baking first thing in the morning, wait to use the oven until the night-time. In fact, try to use all of your heat generating appliances in the cooler hours if possible. This includes your dishwasher and clothes dryer. This way your air conditioner won’t have to offset the heat being created by your appliances.  

Keep It Cool

If you’re washing your clothes in hot water, it may be time for a change. Heating the water accounts for 90% of your machine’s energy use. Switching to cold water will massively reduce energy costs. As a bonus, cold water doesn’t cause colours to run like hot water does, so you may even be able to mix colours within one load. Some people choose to take this a step further and air dry their laundry.


It can be easy to forget to unplug electronics while they are not in use, but the savings will be worth the extra consideration! Everything from phone chargers to television sets can be unplugged during downtime. One way to make this simpler is to invest in power strips so that you can turn your devices off all at once.

There you have it, four easy ways to reduce your energy consumption and your utility bills! If you’re curious about other ways to decrease your energy use, contact us today!

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