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Babyproofing Your Home: Electrical Hazards

Baby Electrical Safety

Babies are notorious explorers. If they can reach it, they will touch, throw, pull, or lick it. We can’t really blame them, after all, babies are just using all of their senses to experience new things. While this can be adorable when it comes to some objects, others pose imminent danger. Electricity is one of those things that our little ones should always be protected from.


Wall Outlets

From a child’s perspective, the tiny holes in electrical sockets are perfect for sticking tiny fingers into. Outlet caps or safety plates installed overtop will keep them free of prying fingers or foreign objects. Even unused outlets hidden behind furniture or seemingly out of the way should be covered in this way. Little ones can get themselves into surprising places, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry. 


Power Bars & Surge Protectors

Power bars often sit on the ground, making them prime targets for babies to pull at. Keep them tucked up and out of the way as much as possible. For extra protection, use power strip covers that wrap around the whole bar with only a small opening for cords. This prevents the cords from being pulled out.  


Electronic Devices 

Electrical gadgets can likely be found all throughout your home. Storing them properly, cords included, can prevent little ones from pulling the electronics down and hurting themselves or loosening the electrical connections. Even smart devices like tablets or phones can pose a risk. One placed precariously on the ground can create the perfect opportunity for a slip or fall. 


Electrical Cords

Long cords are perfect for pulling and chewing. The insulated covering can emulate the feel of teething rings and other baby-safe toys. Little ones won’t be able to tell the difference! That’s why it’s so important to keep cords as far away from them as possible.  


In Case of Accident 

By following all these tips, the chances of an accident will be greatly reduced. Unfortunately, the chances are never completely zero. When the unexpected happens, there are steps you can take to mitigate damage. Keep emergency contact numbers accessible, either in your phone or in an easy-to-access place. Store and maintain a first aid kit in an equally accessible location.  

Whether you have a new addition to the family or regularly host little ones, make sure you know how to safely babyproof your home. For electrical upgrades and other safety measures, a professional electrician can help. Click here to connect with our Calgary-based electrical team!