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Why Count on Experts for Smoke & CO Detector Installation


Whether you are looking at fire and carbon monoxide protection for your home or commercial business, there are some best practices that apply to every building, regardless of use. One of these is having a professional electrician, or team of electricians, install your smoke and CO detectors. Amateur installation may seem like a tempting option, especially when looking at the cost, but here are three factors that only a professional will be able to offer:


Smoke and CO detection is a science. Air flow, building layout, and ceiling height are just a few of the factors you’ll have to take into consideration before placing your devices. Basements have specific requirements as do bedrooms. You may be able to Google the general rules, but chances are you won’t be able to predict the perfect placement in your unique space from just a few minutes on YouTube. Detector location is key to the success of the alarm system. You want to hear those loud beeps as soon as a fire breaks out or a CO leak occurs. Informed placement could save you several precious minutes in an emergency..

Interconnected System

Not all detectors are created equal. Many structures still use cheap battery-operated devices that can be screwed to the wall. This means that your bedroom detector will go off only if there is a fire in the bedroom, the one in your kitchen will only go off if it senses smoke in the kitchen, and so on. Alternatively, imagine a system where your bedroom alarm goes off as soon as there is smoke detected in the basement. Think of the money you’d save in damages and, more importantly, the potential to save your home or business and everyone in it. Professional electricians will do more than just install individual devices, they can set up an interconnected system that speaks to each detector. Furthermore, they can be hardwired into your main electrical system with batteries as a backup.

Regular Maintenance

When you have an electrician come in to install your smoke and CO alarm system, you are also enlisting a professional to maintain this system for years to come. Like anything in your home or business, detectors need to be inspected regularly and serviced accordingly. The electrician who installs your system will be able to advise you how often and how much you will need to invest in maintenance.

When it comes to safety, DIY just won’t do.  Both smoke and CO detectors should be installed by a qualified electrician to ensure that your safety systems are functioning efficiently. These are definitely not the areas where you can afford to cut costs. Fire safety doesn’t just affect your bottom line, it affects the health and lives of those who frequent your establishment. For professional installation or upgrades, contact the experts at 4 Star Electric today!

Written by 4-Star Electric

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