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Electrical Considerations for Easter & Spring


Just because we are spending a little more time in our homes than usual, doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the Easter long weekend, even if we can’t all enjoy it with our extended family and friends. Albertans are nothing if not resilient, and this most recent state of affairs won’t change that. From decorating to gardening, repainting to small renovations, we know that many Calgarian families are going to make the most of this spring. While planning out your projects, it’s important to be aware of the electrical implications these activities may have and mitigate any hazards. 


Holiday Decor

Traditionally, Christmas and Halloween tend to take the cake when it comes to lighting decor. From Christmas trees to blow-up lawn ornaments, there’s no doubt those celebrations create a larger load on your electrical system. That being said, don’t underestimate the joy that a few twinkling lights add to any Easter display. If you are considering adding holiday lights in your home for Easter, ensure that they are not damaged and connect them to an outlet that can handle the draw of power. Also take care to keep the electrical cords neat and tidy so they don’t become a tripping hazard.


Indoor Gardening

Whether you’re planning on building a flower garden, a vegetable patch, or a herb planter, there’s a good chance you’ll need to start your seeds indoors. And what better time than now! After all, this is the perfect opportunity to teach your kids about the growing process while they are out of school. With that in mind, setting up a safe space for your little seedlings to sprout inside requires careful consideration. Lighting should be installed at the proper height above the grow beds to avoid burning your tender seedlings or overheating your set-up. Only use heating mats designed for seedlings as these devices are designed to be left on for long hours. A DIY mat or electrical blanket is a huge fire risk. Additionally, ensure that you avoid any electrical elements when you water your seedlings.


DIY Renos

For those who like to keep their hands busy during this time, there are always small scale renovations like painting or refacing the cupboards. You should never perform any renovations yourself that involve your electrical system, but it’s common for some projects to come into contact with fixtures or wiring. 

  • Painting the bedroom? Don’t remove the plates around the fittings, this exposes live wires even if the light is switched off.
  • Putting up pictures or shelving? Check for wires before you start to drill into the walls, floors, or even ceilings. 

The sun is shining and the kids are getting stir-crazy, it’s no wonder you want to start some fun projects to keep the whole family busy! Follow the tips outlined above and you’ll also keep them safe. From the 4-Star family to yours, have a happy and safe Easter!

Written by 4-Star Electric

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