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Electrical Inspections When Selling or Buying a Home


The state of an electrical system simply can’t be determined by how it looks on the outside. Just because you haven’t noticed flickering lights doesn’t mean that your panel is in tip top shape. An electrical inspection, as part of a home inspection, is the only way to know what’s truly going on with your electrical system. When it comes to buying and selling a home, inspections are even more important. Here’s why you don’t want to take any chances when it comes to electrical inspections.

For Buyers

Purchasing a home is a decision not to be made lightly. You might fall in love with the home so much that you bypass an inspection, only to find out that there is danger lurking in the walls. Electrical deficiencies aren’t just annoying, they can be incredibly damaging. The value of an inspection greatly outweighs the upfront cost. Furthermore, if a licensed inspector does find something wrong with the place, you can use this new information to adjust, or rescind, your offer.

For Sellers

No one wants to purchase a home that will cost thousands to repair or pose a risk to their family. While you’re upgrading the bathroom or re-facing the kitchen cupboards, have an electrical expert take a look at the place. They can help you determine any issues and what you can do to resolve them. Having this knowledge can help in a couple different ways. You can fix the problem yourself and use the upgrade to bolster your asking price. Or you can lower the price and keep the new homeowners informed. Either way, a home inspector will be taking a look at the same components of the electrical system. If you choose not to get things looked after well before they come, you’ll be in for a surprise when they do!

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, don’t be caught unawares; have a proper electrical inspection done before signing any paperwork. This will ensure a fair price and a safe home for the new occupants. Book an appointment with our electrical experts to get started today!

Written by 4-Star Electric

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