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Electrical Maintenance in Commercial Buildings

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Having expertise in both residential and commercial electrical systems has given our team at 4- Star Electric a well-rounded perspective on electrical maintenance in a variety of applications. When it comes to commercial buildings, business owners should stay on top of this type of maintenance to keep operations running smoothly. Here are four important benefits of doing just that.


Staying Up-To-Date on Code

As our understanding of electricity and technology improves and develops, so too do the rules that govern installation, maintenance, and safety. Every few years, the electrical code is reviewed and adjusted according to new information or insights. This applies to both the Canadian Electrical Code and the Alberta Electrical Utility Code. Businesses are responsible for staying up to date. Regular maintenance ensures you have a direct line to a licensed professional who will help you keep track of any new changes. 


Equipment Performance

Although electricity powers all of your equipment, lighting, cold storage, elevators, and more, the wiring itself is tucked away safely behind your walls. What this means is that you typically don’t see a problem until a failure occurs. Tiny surges could be slowly frying your computer systems from the inside out, insufficient power could be forcing your equipment to work twice as hard to perform daily tasks, or loose connections could be sending electricity anywhere else than where it actually needs to go. This can have a detrimental effect on your equipment, causing appliances and devices to break down well before their time. 


Worker Safety

Damage to your equipment is the least of your worries when it comes to electrical issues. Worker safety is put at risk when maintenance is ignored. Frayed wiring, improper grounding, short circuits, and power surges can all cause fires, electrocution, and even death. Inspections and maintenance can help spot problems before they become dangerous. 


Cost Reduction

Equipment performance and worker safety are key pieces of your bottom line. Performing unscheduled corrective maintenance such as equipment, structural, or electrical repairs can be incredibly costly. That doesn’t even take into account the time lost to allow professionals access to the space. The good news is that avoiding all of the hassle is as simple as having preventative maintenance done on your electrical system regularly. 


Electrical maintenance in commercial buildings is key to managing costs and improving safety. If you are overdue for regular electrical maintenance, connect with our team of friendly professionals today!