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Electrical Safety Advice with Children


Technology and electronic devices are a major component in our lives, and even more so for our children. From birth to the time they move out of our homes and beyond, our kids will be in nearly constant contact with electricity and electrical sources. It is important that we keep them safe while they are learning the ropes.

Childproofing Your Home

Young children are notoriously curious. Their first instinct is to learn the world around them using touch and taste. While this is an integral part of their development, there are a few places that they absolutely shouldn’t be sticking their little fingers and tongues. To keep your babies and toddlers safe, ensure that unused wall outlets are secured. This can be by using plastic inserts or creatively arranging your furniture. Just remember that plastic inserts can be removed by the more persistent little ones. When using extension cords, hide or cover them so they can’t be tugged at. Electrical devices should be put out of reach or behind a barrier. (Didn’t we all have that one cousin who shoved a sandwich into the VHS machine?)

Teaching Responsibility

As kids get older, childproofing will be much less effective. Instead, teach them responsibility surrounding electronics. That way they have the tools they need to keep themselves safe around electricity.

Key Rules for the Kids

  1. Never put anything into an outlet other than a electrical plug.
  2. Never put metal objects into toasters.
  3. Do not use electronic devices around water.
  4. When unplugging something, pull from the plug and not the cord.
  5. Do not put anything metal in the microwave. This includes tin foil!
  6. Do not touch damaged electrical cords. Tell an adult right away if you see one.
  7. Do not use electrical appliances if you are wet or standing in water.
  8. Do not put drinks on top of your game consoles.
  9. Avoid power lines: do not climb trees or fly kites near them.
  10. Do not climb on or touch metal transformer boxes.

Electrical safety is an important knowledge set for all of us. Make sure your children are able to stay safe and make responsible choices when it comes to electricity. For more information, contact the experts at 4-Star Electric today!

Written by 4-Star Electric

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