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Energy Saving Tips for Your Business


Small and mid-sized businesses are some of the most economically affected by the pandemic. This is forcing many Albertan business owners to re-evaluate their expenses and find ways to cut down costs. Trimming down the budget doesn’t have to focus on staff or service quality, in fact, an oft-overlooked expenditure is energy consumption. Small changes in this regard can result in big savings. This week we’ve compiled a list of tips to help manage your company’s energy use, ultimately reducing the strain on your overall bottom line.

General Energy Considerations

  • Energy Audit. It can be challenging to make changes when you’re not entirely sure where you stand. Call in a professional auditor to assess your baseline energy use. They will be able to make specific recommendations based on the results.
  • Offset Peak Demand. When does your business use the most power? Too much strain on your electrical system forces it to use more energy than necessary during these times. By staggering work hours or machinery use, you can eliminate the load and reduce overall usage.


  • Turn off the Lights. It’s easy to leave the lights on at all times, even when not in use, but that will draw a lot of unnecessary energy. Areas like break rooms, bathrooms, and conference rooms do not need to be lit all the time. Consider installing motion sensor lights in these rooms.
  • Replace Your Bulbs. Regular incandescent bulbs use around four times more energy than a CFL bulb and six times more energy than an LED one. Simply switching out those bulbs will save money.
  • Use Natural Light. When you can, open up the windows and let the natural light stream in.

Heating & Cooling

  • Upgrade to a high-efficiency HVAC system. Newer models specialize in energy efficiency.
  • Program your thermostats. Chances are you probably don’t need the furnace running on full blast 24/7. Lower the temperature for “off” hours and program it to increase just before the first shift is set to arrive for the day.

Office Equipment

  • Invest in ENERGY STAR. When buying or leasing office electronics or equipment, always opt for ENERGY STAR rated devices when possible.
  • Turn Off When Not in Use. Similar to the point made above about the lights, turn off devices at the end of the day.

Energy use can be a massive expense when not monitored properly. Follow the tips above to keep your business’s energy consumption low and your utility bills under control. For electrical upgrades or repairs in Calgary, contact our team of experts at 4-Star Electric today!

Written by 4-Star Electric

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