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Installations You Need an Electrician For


Each room of your home has its own need for electricity. Whether for light, warmth, or entertainment, it is important that your electrical system is ready for the required tasks. As the need for electricity grows, that system must adapt. Electrical upgrades and installations are fairly common for homeowners. But unlike other types of renovations, there are some electrical jobs that should be left to the professionals.  Here are four such installations you don’t want to DIY.


When it comes to adjusting the lighting in your home, whether it’s updating the existing fixtures or adding a new one in your home, a professional electrician is best suited to set it up. For existing fixtures, many homeowners find themselves unsure if the circuit amperage and wattage of the new fixture is suited, or if the ceiling mounting has enough support and insulation. An electrician will be able to properly approach these potential issues.


Electrical wiring comes with a lot of safety and liability considerations, and is best tackled by a licensed electrician in order to keep to code. Even if you understand how the wiring is set up, that doesn’t always translate to having the experience to make any repairs or attempt to upgrade the wiring yourself. If done improperly, you can increase the risk of damage to your home.

CO2 and Smoke Detectors

Nowadays, detectors that communicate with each other are the norm. Meaning that if the alarm goes off in the basement, it will trigger the rest of the alarms in the house and vice versa. Since this kind of communication is best done by an interconnected, hard-wired system, an electrician is best qualified to ensure that the detectors are set up safely and correctly.

Aluminum Wiring

Some older homes were wired with aluminum, as opposed to the copper wiring we use today. Unfortunately, aluminum wiring that hasn’t been maintained has been found to be a fire hazard. This comprehensive process involves all parts of your electrical system and is best approached by a professional.

Licensed electricians are here to ensure that your electrical upgrades, like the ones mentioned above, are performed efficiently, effectively, and safely. To request a service quote for your home, contact the Calgary experts today at 4-Star Electric!

Written by 4-Star Electric

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