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Journeyman vs. Master Electrician


What’s the difference between a Journeyman electrician and a Master electrician?

An easy way to explain the differences between a Journeyman electrician and a Master electrician would be like a Bachelor’s degree vs. a Master’s degree. While obtaining either degrees is beneficial and an accomplishment, a Master’s degree requires additional years of study. Similarly, a Master electrician has completed more training and obtained more years of experience than a Journeyman electrician.

Journeyman electricians require approximately 8,000 hours of on-the-job work experience, directly supervised under a Master electrician over the course of 4 years. A Master electrician must complete an additional 4,000 hours (or approximately 2 years) of on-the-job work experience and complete a test to become a certified Master electrician.

What’s the major difference?

Master electricians complete a higher level of education and training thus, skilled in all areas of electrical installations, systems and codes including safety regulations, project management and oversee Journeymen who do the work. Master electricians also obtain permits for work and can run his/her own company or work for a contractor.

So what’s the million dollar question?

Who do you hire? A Master electrician or a Journeyman electrician?
Both qualify to conduct work in your home and/or office. Should the job entail a more complex electrical configuration, expect the company you hire to provide a Master electrician to oversee the work.

Fortunately, 4-Star Electric offers a great team of Master and Journeyman electricians. We are serious about our work and truly care about our clients, our daily training and support staff ensures we send the right technician to your home or office to complete your electrical work.

We are Calgary’s trusted electrician since 1990! For more information visit our website at www.4starelectric.com


Written by 4-Star Electric

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