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Are your lights flickering?


Incandescent light bulb

Lights flickering can be bothersome however, it is not a sure sign that point to a complete faulty electrical system. However, this flickering is revealing some sort of electrical concern to which could be one of the following scenarios:

One flickering light

If your lights flickering and it's only 1 bulb, try replacing that light bulb.
Change the light bulb, if you find one light bulb flickering.

Should you find one flickering light bulb, it is then easy to conclude that this specific light bulb is an isolated concern and that the issue could be as simple as the bulb itself. Solution? Check to ensure the light bulb is properly screwed in all the way (this is to ensure proper connection). First, switch the light off before unscrewing the light bulb. When you re-screw the light bulb into place, be sure that is not crooked or loose. Turn the light switch on and should it continue to flicker, it could mean the bulb requires replacement.

Now, you’ve replaced the bulb and it still continues to flicker. Try putting the electrical outlet to the test. Switching the light on and off could allow the flickering to diminish but if not, the issue could possibly be the electrical outlet itself and for this instance, it is best to contact your electrician to investigate and repair. Electricians are trained and equipped professionals to complete these types of electrical work. Do not attempt a do-it-yourself quick repair; it’s always better to be safe and limit electrical risks (not to forget, the potential of costly DIY electrical complications!).

All lights flickering

Ok, it’s not Halloween and you did not install any purposely flickering lights but one day, you turn on the lights in your home and find them all flickering. If it’s thundering and lightning outside, you could blame the weather however, if this is a new occurrence, your home’s voltage may be fluctuating. To avoid any further damages and for safety reasons, it is highly recommended you contact an electrician to come in and repair the problem ASAP.

Lights flicker and then fully light up

Have you ever switched your non-fluorescent lights on and they flicker for a split second and slowly the bulbs brighten? (Given that they are non-fluorescent lights, this isn’t what should be happening). Contact an electrician to check out the problem.

Still unsure as to what is causing the lights to flicker? Your safest and surest solution is to contact a professional electrician to investigate and repair the issue. Don’t take risks with any electrical work, leave it to the licensed and experience electricians to help. Call 4-Star Electric today, your local electrician in Calgary and surrounding areas.

Written by 4-Star Electric

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