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And yes, this means without having to invest in a gadget or anything to do so. What’s an easy electricity saving tip? Use your major appliances (washing machines, dryers and dishwashers) during off-peak load times. That’s it! Peak Load times (which are from 7am – 11pm) are the busiest times when many homes consume the most energy. In order for the city to keep up with the energy demands during these Peak Load times, they resort to the use of secondary costly generators which for us; the consumers it means the electricity rate per kilowatt is higher during these hours.

Now that your clothes have finished in the washing machine, why not hang them to dry? Did you know, the average home in Alberta uses the dryer machine and it consumes approximately 600 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity per month? This makes up 12% of your electricity bill. So go ahead and hang those clothes to dry after all, it’s free and your clothes will last longer.

Ready for another easy do-right-now electricity saving tip? Turn off when not in use. Yep. It’s that simple and practical too! We live in a society where we rely on electricity to power everything. Lamps, TV’s, PVR’s computers, etc., are constantly plugged in and left on. Get into the habit of turning off the lights in rooms where nobody occupies them. Just like we turn off the lights in the bathroom once we’ve left the bathroom. Why not practice the same habit with every room and hallway? If you have a timer on the switches, put them to use too. It’s always a good choice to conserve.

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