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Outdoor Lighting Inspiration


Now that the snow has – almost – completely melted away, it’s perfectly natural to turn our attention back to the outdoors. With spring in full bloom and the days getting warmer, you may even be imagining backyard bonfires and chill summer nights. If you’re already pulling out the barbeque or setting up a feature garden, consider how these three innovative lighting ideas can take your outdoor haven to the next level.


Lanterns can come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Standalone units can be clustered on a dining table or lined up against a feature wall. Wall-mounted lanterns can offer soft, low voltage accent lighting. Lanterns with tall stands placed strategically around the yard and pathways can add a vintage glow to any space. Due to their portable nature, adding any type of lantern to a backyard is relatively simple. When choosing styles, opt for translucent coverings that will diffuse the light more effectively than clear glass.

String Lights

If you are getting images of the Griswold house covered in twinkling lights, be assured that backyard string lights are on a whole other playing field. These fun fixtures can look vintage, as in the case with Edison lights, or modern. It entirely depends on your preference. They can be hung from the roof of your home and trail across fences or other border features for some all-over illumination. Alternatively, they can be wrapped around an outdoor umbrella, statue, or anything else you’d like to visually highlight. Another unique way to use these lights is to create a faux roof over your entertaining space. The possibilities are endless!

Walkway Lighting

Lighting up walkways doesn’t just have to be a safety measure, you can add a little flair with the fixtures you choose. Recessed lights, cubic accent lights, and dramatic underlighting can all be applied to railing, stairs, and pathways. Placement is important to highlight key areas without creating a tripping hazard. Furthermore, play with different lighting colours to find your desired effect. Amber or soft white illumination creates a different atmosphere than bright white will.

Your outdoor haven is an important part of your home. Give it some love with a great backyard lighting design. If you’re looking to have more GFCI outlets installed on the exterior of your home, or aren’t sure if your electrical system can handle the additional load, contact our team of licensed electricians today for a consultation!

Written by 4-Star Electric

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