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Watch Out for Loose Outlets


There are a lot of smaller pieces that make up the big picture that is your home’s electrical system. Often, the most ignored of these are the electrical outlets. Many homeowners and renters don’t think to pay attention to them. This can be a grave mistake. Loose or damaged electrical outlets can cause some serious damage.

Small Unit, Big Impact

It may appear as though your electrical outlet is a pretty simple receptacle. From the outside, all you can see is the three small holes for a plug to slip into. Inside is where the magic happens. This is where three wires connect your devices to the electrical panel. The “hot” wire, usually black, runs electricity from the panel to the outlet, effectively powering your device. The “neutral” wire, usually white, completes the circuit by sending electricity back from the device to the panel. The third wire, introduced mid-century, is usually green or copper, and directs the electrical current straight into the ground in the case of a short circuit.

The Danger That Lurks Inside

When those wires get loose, it doesn’t necessarily stop the flow of electricity. The wiring will continue to emit heat and energy, forming an electric arc. The heat is enough to melt plastic or metal, and create the ideal environment for a fire to spark. An electrical fire within your walls is harder to detect, giving it more time to do more damage. By ignoring loose outlets, you are increasing the risk of electrical shock and fire.

A professional electrician can fix the problem quickly and affordably. If your outlets are loose, don’t wait for an emergency to get them fixed. Call the experts at 4-Star Electric to repair your outlets and ensure your electrical system is running properly!

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