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Why Do You Need Whole Home Surge Protection?


Why Do You Need Whole Home Surge Protection?

Every seasoned Calgarian knows that from June to August, hot weather and thunderstorms reign supreme. These storms can cause a dazzling light show in the sky, but while you’re looking up, do you know what’s happening to your electronics? Direct lightning strikes can wreak havoc on your home. Point-of-use surge protectors won’t be able to save your appliances now—you need whole home surge protection.

Defense for the 21st Century

Modern homes are outfitted with gadgets, gizmos, and devices galore. Appliances that once relied on wood or natural gas, like furnaces and stoves, now rely on electricity. Entertainment, cooking, and even security systems are also dependent on properly wired houses. We use electricity in nearly everything we do. Maintaining that power supply is key to our comfort and oftentimes our safety. Without protection, a simple summer storm and a stray lightning strike can take all of that away in a fraction of a second.

Multi-Layered Protection

With all of our electrical needs, there are many spaces that a surge could enter your home. A professional electrician can design a multi-layered system to help protect all of those areas. You can have a surge protector installed on your main electrical panel, and then individual surge protection for all of your electronics. If you aren’t ready for the utmost, an electrician can help you protect the appliances and outlets where there is the most chance of damage.

Save Your Wallet

Aside from potential discounts from your insurance company, a professionally installed whole house surge protector system could end up saving you thousands over its lifespan. Fried electronics can add up over time, imagine having to replace your carefully constructed entertainment system due to a bad surge!

Don’t wait for your appliances and devices to feel the shock of an electrical storm, have a whole home surge protection system installed before the stormy season. Contact us today to book an appointment!

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