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 Underground Electrical Repairs Done the Right Way

Has your home suddenly lost power, but your neighbour’s house is still fully lit? A quick call to the city will tell you whether it’s a public grid problem or if faulty electrical cables on your property are the culprit.

If your underground electrical lines are the problem, 4-Star Electric should be your first call. Our electricians are the most experienced underground repair team in Calgary. We’ll get your home back up and running with minimal interruption.

The 4-Star Electric 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We never accept payment until you’re 100% SATISFIED with a job well done! We’ll always ask for your approval of our electrical workmanship before finishing any underground electrical repair service call.

Our Repair & Replacement Guarantee

If an electrical component fails in the first 3 YEARS, we’ll replace it absolutely free. Our service is always guaranteed. If any underground electrical service fails, we’ll redo the work at no extra cost.

The 4-Star Advantage

Family-Owned & Operated

We’re a local business that believes in building community and treating every customer, and their home, with respect. Learn our story.

Experienced, Trusted Electricians

33 years and counting, providing Calgary homeowners and business owners worry-free services for everything electrical.

Upfront Pricing

We provide crystal-clear pricing before any electrical work is done. You’ll have peace of mind knowing there are no surprises when it comes to billing.

100% Satisfaction

We strive to exceed expectations with every job and will always ask for your approval. You don’t pay until you are 100% satisfied!

Underground Electrical Repair FAQs

If you have any questions about underground electrical repairs, please give our friendly specialists a call. Here are some common questions our customers ask.

How Do I Know I Need an Underground Electrical Repair?

If you’ve lost power to your entire home, there’s a good chance your incoming power source is the issue. A call to your public utility company can confirm if the problem is part of the public electrical grid.

If it’s not, you’ll need an electrician to evaluate your home’s electrical power. A 4-Star electrical expert will assess your main service panel and determine if power reaches your home from the main grid.

If it’s not, you likely have an issue with a power leg or main electrical cable. These lines connect your home to the city’s public grid, and underground service needs to be scheduled.

There are many reasons why the underground lines to your home could need repair, but the most common issues include:

  • Contact with electrical legs while using tools or heavy equipment.
  • Aging wires or other materials.
  • Tree roots.
  • Repeated freezing and thawing of the ground.
  • Poor electrical installation.

Replacing or repairing your main electrical legs is a major procedure that must be done correctly. 4-Star Electric will send out an experienced electrician for an initial assessment. Once an underground repair is determined, we will:

  • Connect with the city for any permits or approvals.
  • Identify the location of the damage.
  • Disconnect the power to ensure electrical safety.
  • Uncover, repair, and backfill underground wires.

It’s difficult to estimate the timing for an underground repair before an electrician has more information about the problem. But repair timelines will be affected by:

  • The amount of cable being repaired or replaced.
  • The severity of damage to your electrical legs.
  • Complications like tree roots or other unforeseen obstacles.
  • Access to the repair site on your property.

Our electricians at 4-Star Electric will always do their best to provide an accurate estimate once your underground electrical damage has been assessed.

4-Star Electric has fully-stocked trucks on the ground in the greater Calgary area every day. Our team is available 24/7 to handle any underground electrical repair service.

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