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Being Aware of Electrical Regulations


Electrical components and systems play a huge role in our day-to-day lives. From our air conditioning to our lighting, much of our modern lives depends on the convenience of electricity. While these systems make our homes and businesses more comfortable and safe, they also have the potential to cause irreparable damage. That’s why there are no less than three electrical codes in force in Alberta. These codes work in tandem to keep our homes and businesses safe and functioning.

Code for Electrical Installations at Oil and Gas Facilities

As our largest industry, it comes as no surprise that Alberta has over 50,000 oil and gas facilities around the province. The Code for Electrical Installations at Oil and Gas Facilities holds those companies accountable for keeping their staff, product, and communities safe in terms of electrical applications. This code in its entirety can be found and purchased from the Alberta Queen’s Printer.

Canadian Electrical Code

The CE Code, developed over a century ago, has been maintained through committees made up of representatives from all sectors of the electrical industry. These national standards cover everything including system components and installation procedures. The document itself is incredibly comprehensive, ensuring that all electrical bases are covered. Due to the lengthy nature of the code, it takes a skilled electrician to be able to navigate through and find the specific knowledge required for any given task. The CE Code is available for purchase through the Canadian Standards Association.

Alberta Electrical Utility Code

In addition to the extensive CE Code, Alberta also enforces its own code. These provincial standards have a hard focus on electrical systems equipment. In order for any electrical equipment to be up to code, it must meet specific requirements of all of the enforced codes within the province; this includes the Canadian Electrical code. Furthermore, equipment manufactured, installed, or sold for use in Alberta must be certified and inspected in accordance with the Standards Council of Canada. This system of checks and balances serves to effectively safeguard against haphazard products and practices. The Alberta Electrical Utility Code can be purchased from the Alberta Queen’s Printer.

All three of these codes are vital to the safety and success of any electrical system within our province. That’s why it is so crucial to have professional electricians who are familiar with the regulations. Don’t cut corners when it comes to safety, ensure that your electrical systems are up to code. If you are in the Calgary area and need an electrician, our expert team is here for you!

Written by 4-Star Electric

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