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Checklist: Electrical Requirements For Legal Basement Suites

Basement suites provide value to tenants and landlords alike—they often represent more affordable rentals, while allowing homeowners to partition their properties into numerous eligible units. But for a basement suite to be legal in Alberta, it needs to meet specific electrical requirements. These standards help ensure that basement suites and home renovations are functional and […]

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Children’s Electrical Safety 101: 10 Ways to Childproof Your Home’s Electrical Systems

Electricity is vital to every modern home, but electrical cords and outlets can pose a hazard to kids and pets who don’t understand them. While you can teach older children about basic electrical safety, you should still take steps to make the electrical fixtures in your home safer—especially when young children and animals are around. […]

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The 5 Most Common Electrical Hazards in Your Home

The electrical systems in your home provide you with comfort and convenience, but they can pose a safety risk if you don’t keep them well maintained. Our home electrical services help homeowners throughout Calgary keep their lights, appliances, and other electrical fixtures working reliably—but you should also learn to recognize potentially dangerous electrical problems for […]

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