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Is Aluminum Electrical Wiring Safe?

Many different materials go into building a home, and as time goes by, technology and standard practices are always evolving. When it comes to electrical wiring, different conductors perform on different levels. In today’s new home construction, copper is king when it comes to electrical wiring. Aluminum wiring can provide a path for electrical current […]

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How Do I Ground a 3-Prong Outlet?

Ungrounded outlets in your home can cause big problems. This includes damaging appliances, electrical shock, and potentially even fires. Grounding your 3-prong outlets properly can ensure safety and efficiency within your home. There are different ways to spot an ungrounded outlet, which we’ll discuss in this blog. Properly diagnosing, repairing, and testing outlets is best […]

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Why Are My Lights Flickering?

Light bulb sitting on dark background

Flickering lights are a common phenomenon in many homes and commercial buildings, but not a particularly welcome one. Many people find flickering lights distracting and off-putting—some even wonder if they can be dangerous. Don’t worry; we’re going to show you some common reasons why electric lights flicker (and no, none of them involve ghosts). Read […]

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