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The Dangers of Aluminum Wiring

Old Aluminum Wiring connected by twisting together

If your business or home currently has aluminum wiring, you may want to start considering your options for replacement. Aluminum wiring can pose a significant threat of danger to your life; contact 4-Star Electric for an electrical inspection to start the process of replacing or repairing dangerous aluminum wiring.  Does My Home Have Aluminum Wiring? […]

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Electric Heating: Is It Worth It?

In this modern world, home and business owners are constantly on the lookout for high efficiency, lower energy usage, and cost-effective systems. When it comes to heating, most Albertans have stuck to gas-powered furnaces. In fact, Statistics Canada reports that 97% of Albertan homes are heated with natural gas. In recent years, electric heating has […]

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Working With Aluminum Wiring

Installing electrical systems with aluminum wiring was a common practice for homes in the late 60s and 70s. At the time, it was considered a cheaper alternative to copper wiring. Being the more economical option, aluminum wiring became the norm for almost a decade, not only in Alberta but all-over North America. Unfortunately, this cheaper […]

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