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7 Electrical Safety Tips for Your Kitchen


Your kitchen is the heart of your home; it’s where meals are prepared, family members gather, and memories are made. But amidst the daily hustle and bustle, it’s easy to forget that your kitchen is also a hub of electrical activity, with multiple appliances and devices being used every day—and the importance of maintaining electrical safety in the kitchen cannot be overstated.

That’s why we’ve put together these seven crucial safety tips to help you keep your kitchen as safe as it is enjoyable. As experienced pros who have carried out countless electrical inspections for Calgary homes and successfully installed tons of upgrades, we know all there is to know about making the electrical equipment in your kitchen safe and sound. Let’s get started.

Electrical appliances grouped together in modern kitchen

1. Carefully Place & Use New Appliances

Appliances are at the forefront of every kitchen. From the refrigerator to the toaster, each appliance plays a critical role in your daily tasks. However, it’s important to place them properly away from water sources, as water and electricity are a dangerous mix.

In addition to placing new appliances carefully, always:

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for usage to prevent potential electrical hazards.
  • Consider your kitchen layout, keeping heavy appliances near outlets so you don’t need extension cords.
  • Make sure cords aren’t in high-traffic areas where they could cause a tripping hazard.
GFCI outlet in kitchen

2. Install GFCI Outlets

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets are a must-have in any kitchen (and they’re required in all new Calgary homes). These special outlets shut off electric power when they detect a ground fault or leakage current, protecting you from potentially dangerous shocks. Consider having them installed by our professional electricians if you don’t already have them in your kitchen—and be sure to test your GFCI outlets monthly by pressing the “Test” button. If the power doesn’t cut off, it’s time to replace the outlet.

3. Use Extension Cords & Power Strips—Carefully

While extension cords and power strips can be convenient, their improper use can pose fire and electrical shock hazards. Be sure to select the right cord for the job—those rated for indoor use should never be used outdoors. Avoid overloading power strips, and never use them as a long-term solution. Remember, extension cords and power strips are temporary solutions, not substitutes for permanent wiring.

4. Regularly Inspect & Maintain All Appliances

Keep a keen eye on your appliances. Regularly inspect them for any wear and damage such as frayed cords or loose plugs. If you’re unsure about the condition of an appliance, don’t use it—wait until you’ve called us for help and one of our technicians has looked at it first.

Preventive maintenance can not only prolong the life of your appliances but also prevent electrical hazards. If you notice any signs of damage, get them repaired or replaced promptly.

Homeowner looking at cluttered kitchen

5. Keep Your Kitchen Clutter-Free

A clutter-free kitchen is not only more pleasant to work in, but it’s also safer. Excess clutter can hide electrical issues like frayed cords, increase the risk of fire, and cause accidents.

Maintain a clean and organized kitchen space by keeping appliances and their cords neatly tucked away when not in use, and avoid placing flammable items like paper towels near outlets or appliances.

6. Educate Family Members on Kitchen Electrical Safety

Safety education is essential, especially for families with young children. Teach your kids about the dangers of electricity and set clear rules for what they can and can’t touch in the kitchen. For younger ones, consider using safety plugs on unused outlets. Always supervise children in the kitchen, especially when they start learning to cook.

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Electrician working on outlet in modern kitchen

7. Know When to Call a Professional Electrician

Some electrical issues require professional expertise. If you notice persistent problems, like frequent circuit breaker trips or sparking outlets, it’s time to call in a professional. Don’t attempt to make major electrical repairs yourself—it’s not worth the risk.

At 4-Star Electric, your safety is our priority. We’re here to solve your kitchen electrical problems or any other needs you might have in your Calgary home. From installing GFCI outlets to handling complex electrical issues, you can count on us for reliable, expert-level service.

Remember, a safe kitchen is a happy kitchen. By following these tips, you can ensure that your kitchen remains the heart of your home in every sense of the word.

Written by 4-Star Electric

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