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Hardwired vs Plug-In Appliances


There is a lot going on in your kitchen, especially electrically. When you consider how many appliances are stationed there for food prep, storage, and cooking, it’s no surprise that this room using more electricity than any other room in your house. Unless something has gone wrong with your appliances, it’s likely that you’ve never pulled them out to take a good look at what is going on behind the casing.

Ovens, refrigerators, and dishwashers all need their own dedicated circuit to run properly. Older homes with electrical systems that haven’t been updated will experience difficulties, as those set ups were just not built to handle the high energy load of modern appliances. The place where this will be most apparent is in the kitchen. Whether or not your appliances are hard-wired or plugged in will depend on the manufacturer. It’s important to know how your units are powered in cases of emergency or even simple repair.


There are many appliances that are hardwired in your kitchen. This simply means that wires are spliced into a junction box. Once connected, the unit cannot really be moved a lot as the wires are permanently connected. To prevent the cables from pulling loose when the appliance needs to be shifted a few inches, secure it according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.


Appliances that can be plugged and unplugged are much more flexible if you ever need to pull them out. The manufacturer’s guidelines for the appliance will be able to tell you where outlets for these devices need to be for best use.

If your appliances ever malfunction, you will need to know how to turn them off. For those that are hardwired, you’ll need to switch off the breaker. For those that are plugged in, you simply need to unplug. For new installations or upgrades, contact the electricians at 4-Star Electric today to ensure that your kitchen appliances are being powered properly!

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