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How Malfunctioning Appliances Cause Damage to Your Electrical System


As technology progresses, modern homes have come to depend more and more on electrical appliances. From cooking to food storage, clothes washing to HVAC, these units are integral to our daily lives. Their constant use makes it necessary to maintain or even replace them every once in a while. Neglecting to do so could cause more than just a broken appliance. Here are 3 ways that a malfunctioning appliance can damage your electrical system.

Surge Damage

Electrical devices in disrepair are more likely to experience an electrical short. This sends a large amount of electricity through the electrical system and will trip your breaker. The bigger the unit, the larger the flow of electricity. Not only is this hard on your electrical system, but this could also impact other devices on the same circuit. Computers, for example, have extremely sensitive microprocessors. They are easily damaged during a surge.

Outlet Damage

These surges can wreak havoc on power outlets, switches, or other connections. An unbridled electrical current can singe these components, rendering them useless at best and dangerous at worst. Blackened outlets, a burning smell, or any type of discolouration can signal that all is not well within your electrical system. Simply switching out the plate of the receptacle won’t fix the problem. A licensed electrician will need to inspect your system to find the root of the problem and potentially replace any damaged outlets.

Fire Damage

One of the biggest risks of malfunctioning appliances is the increased hazard of an electrical fire. Surges don’t just increase electrical flow, they create a significant heat. When this heat builds up in behind appliances or within a wall, there is a good chance something could catch fire. This isn’t just damaging to your home but creates a life-threatening situation for your family.

Old electrical appliances can have their charm, but without proper maintenance and care, they can become a real threat to your home and family. Call a licensed electrician today to inspect your appliances and help determine whether they are posing any unknown risks. For a reputable team in the Calgary area, contact the experts at 4-Star Electric!

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