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What would you consider is the “heart” of your home? Most would arguably agree that it is electricity or better yet, the main electrical panel. Yes, the box (typically) in the basement with all the main controls and breakers that switch to protect your appliances from power surge damage. If your home panel had issues, it could mean no electricity to parts of your home which could mean no electricity in your bathroom, or no electricity to your TV, or perhaps in your kitchen. Wait a minute, that could be good news because then you get the day off from cooking, right? Unless of course it’s your refrigerator that has lost electricity and that’s never a good thing especially when you’ve just completed a grocery run.

How often do you have your electrical panel inspected? Once every year? Once every five years? Never? Just as a car would require regular maintenance, so does your electrical panel. After all, it’s better to catch an issue at an early stage and fix it than to experience a bigger damage or worst, an electrical hazard that could affect you and your family.

Luckily, we can help. 4-Star Electric offers complete and thorough Safety Inspection services. Our experienced and qualified electricians will take the worries and the work off you with our Home Protection Plan. Learn more about how we can help. Call us today 403.248.0037

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