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Measuring Your Energy Usage


Many Albertans are spending more time at home, respecting the current recommended safety guidelines by working remotely, social distancing, and limiting their travel. An unexpected side effect of staying home as much as possible is a spike in energy usage. That spike leads to higher monthly bills, which can be a struggle to keep up within the current economic climate. In this week’s article, we want to explore reasonable ways to measure and mitigate energy usage for the average Albertan.

Where Is All the Energy Going?

According to EnergyStar, it is estimated that up to 42% of a home’s energy goes towards heating and cooling, 12% towards lighting, and a whopping 21% towards electronics such as computers, televisions, and more. Consciously saving in each of these areas can help you reduce your overall energy usage.

Home Energy Monitors

Having a general idea of where you are using the most energy can only go so far. For more detailed information, homeowners can invest in home energy monitors to give them insightful readings into their energy use. In many cases, these devices will actually break down the dollars and cents. This can be a great tool for Albertans to use in curbing their electrical expenditures.

Get Professional Advice

Another accessible way to figure out your energy usage is to have an electrical inspection done on your home. A certified electrician will be able to assess the state of your electrical system and its efficiency. They will be able to spot shortcomings and make recommendations based on what they observe. It could be a matter of an old wiring system that’s putting more pressure on your electrical panel than necessary, or faulty outlets that are leaching energy. Their expertise will offer customized solutions for your unique home and electrical needs.

Small Changes Add Up to Big Savings

Regardless of whether or not you know the exact numbers, there are small changes you can make to bring your energy usage down. For example, switching to energy-efficient LED bulbs will not only extend the lifespan of your lighting but require less energy to run. Only running full, but not overflowing, laundry and dishwasher loads can also take the edge off a sharp bill. Turn off the lights in rooms you’re not using, and unplug the electronics that aren’t in use. As an additional step, if you have the financial ability, invest in energy-efficient appliances. These units may cost more upfront, but they more than makeup for it in energy savings over time.

Monitoring your energy usage is a great way to identify problem areas and make effective adjustments. If you need a hand, that’s an area where we excel. Contact us to schedule an inspection if you’re in the Calgary area. Let’s get those energy bills back under control together.

Written by 4-Star Electric

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