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Renovating or Building a Home? Consider Your Lighting Design


There is something special about being able to tailor a space to fit your exact needs. Renovations and builds are the perfect opportunity to create a space instead of just making small adjustments to a ready-made one. While you’re picking out the flooring and browsing through countertops, don’t forget to consider the lighting.

More than just illuminating a certain area, lighting can enhance aesthetic appeal, combining functionality and style. Designs that look good can also be good for you. There’s a reason why lighting ergonomics are a thing. Improve your mood, productivity, and ability to relax with an effective lighting design.

Lighting Considerations

  • Intention of the space – Before you go ahead and purchase LED floodlights, stop to consider what the space is used for. Kitchen lighting will look different than bedroom lighting.
  • Size of the space – You won’t be able to fit that gorgeous glass chandelier in a 40 square foot bathroom. Remember that the size of a room will affect what you can put inside of it.
  • Surfaces in the space – What many people tend to forget when designing a room is that light bounces. Reflective surfaces like mirrors or light-coloured walls will enhance the brightness of your bulbs. Carpets and dark-coloured walls will do the opposite. Also take into account any windows or doors in the space.
  • Decoration – At the end of the day, you want whatever space you are designing to look and feel good. This is your chance to play with different configurations and see what matches your style.
  • Type of lighting – There are several different lighting styles to choose from, all with a unique light output. Consider which ones you want to incorporate into the space, then take a look at their requirements. Will you need a deep set ceiling? Will your home’s electrical system need to be rewired to meet the requirements of your new lighting system?

Creating a lighting design isn’t as simple as throwing in a few desk lamps, but it doesn’t have to be rocket science either. With a little consideration, some creativity, and the knowledge of what your electrical system can handle, you can build the perfect space in your home. Before you start your renovation project, call on your trusted electrical contractors from 4-Star Electric at 403-248-0037.

Written by 4-Star Electric

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