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Setting Up Your Outdoor Lighting for the Summer


Summer is finally here. The snow has melted and the outdoors are calling. We all enjoy summer a bit differently, but if you would rather create your own personal oasis than buy overpriced beer on a restaurant patio, then this article is for you! We’ve outlined everything you need to get started on your very own backyard sanctuary.

What You’ll Need to Have

    • GFCI outlets. These little units are required by law for exterior lighting. GFCIs act as a safeguard against shocks and electrocution. Not having them could put a pretty big damper on your pool party.
    • Outdoor-rated fixtures and extension cords. There is a reason it’s called the great outdoors. Even your backyard will experience more wind, temperature fluctuations, and atmospheric moisture than the inside of your house ever will. You need fixtures and cords that can hold up against the elements.
    • The right lightbulbs. Now that you have the right fixtures, ensure that your bulbs follow suit. Choose outdoor rated bulbs that do not exceed the fixture’s maximum wattage. If you’re switching all your bulbs out for LEDs, just double check to see they are compatible with the fixtures.
    • Larger transformer. Invest in a larger transformer than you need to give you the flexibility of adding lights later on. You never know when inspiration will hit and you don’t want to have to overhaul your system.

What You’ll Need to Do

  • Inspect lights and power cords. Anything that’s been sitting in storage will need a good go-over to catch any cracks, loose connections, or fraying cords.
  • Choose your placement carefully. Swimming pools, ponds, fountains, or any sources of water can pose a hazard, so ensure your lighting is well protected.
  • Turn off lighting when you’re gone. If you aren’t outdoors actively enjoying the lighting, then your lights should be off. Not only will this be expensive on your power bill, but it can also cause overheating.
  • Don’t overload the circuit. Your electrical requirements can pile up quickly. From your lighting to your sound system, grill or exterior fans, you’re going to be using up a lot of energy. Make sure you aren’t pushing your system a little too far.

When planning out your patio oasis, ensure you follow these tips. For more expert advice or guidance, contact the professionals at 4 Star Electric Ltd.

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