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The Real Cost to Install an EV Charger at Home in Canada


With the growing popularity of electric vehicles not only in Canada, but Calgary specifically, many homeowners are considering the installation of a home EV charger.

This step isn’t just convenient, but it enhances your EV ownership experience. It’s more affordable than paying for gas each week, and it’s more eco-friendly, especially if your home uses power from renewable sources.

But before we jump into all the great things associated with installing an EV charger in your home, we want to make sure you’re ready for some of the unforeseen costs that you may not have thought of. In today’s blog, we’ll explore the various costs associated with installing an EV charger at home in Canada.

Types of EV Chargers

Did you know that there are a number of different types of EV chargers available on the market today? Here are some of the most popular options:

Level 1 – Standard 120V Outlet

A level 1 EV charger is basically plugging in your vehicle to a standard outlet. It can charge it, but it won’t be very efficient. It’s usually best to use it as an overnight charger for smaller vehicles. But the plus side is, you won’t need any additional, special equipment when you buy your vehicle. You can just bring it home and plug it in.

Level 2 – 240V Charging Station

Level 2 EV chargers are the most common choice for Canadian households. This type of charger is a more powerful home charging solution, which is beneficial if you use your EV as your primary vehicle. It has significantly faster charging, getting your vehicle ready in as little as a few hours.

Level 2 chargers can cost anywhere between $1000-$4500 depending on the brand, accessories and features, and charging capacity.

DC Fast Charging

The least common charger for at home use, a DC fast charger is the type most typically found at most charging stations while you’re out on the road.

It technically can be installed at home, but due to its power draw would require a number of permits, immense structural changes and cost upwards of $10,000 – 20,000 to install.

Additional Costs to Consider When Purchasing an EV Charger

In addition to the installation of the charger itself, there are some other things that you need to consider when upgrading your home with an EV charger.

Professional installation costs from the EV experts at 4-Star Electric can vary based on the complexity of the job and any necessary electrical upgrades.

If your home’s wiring or electrical panel requires an upgrade, this will add to the initial cost. However, we believe it’s a valuable investment since it supports not only your EV but also any future electrical demands.

It’s also important to note, that depending on the location of your home, sometimes permits may be required to install an EV charger. But our experienced team can help with that as well, and let you know during your initial consultation if permits will be necessary before work can begin.


There are a number of federal and provincial rebates available for those considering an EV. Here are a couple programs to keep on your radar:

In 2019, the Federal Government initiated a reward program for qualifying electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. This program does not directly fund the installation of EV charging stations, but it is a great way to save money so that you can put it towards installing a Level 2 charger. Click here for more info.

If you’re a FortisAlberta customer, you can join their EV Smart Charging Pilot via Optiwatt and receive up to $150 in rewards. Click here for more info.

Long-term energy efficiency and savings

No matter the type of EV charger you choose, routine, annual maintenance is key to ensuring the health, longevity and efficiency of not just of the charger itself, but of your home’s entire electrical system.

When you schedule routine maintenance checks with 4-Star Electric for your charging equipment, we can also perform electrical inspections to assess any potential hazards in your home.

Why Choose 4-Star Electric

At 4-Star Electric, we’re Calgary’s electrical service leader. We ensure every customer finds trustworthy, timely, and reliable service, no matter what issue they’re experiencing. This includes installing and maintaining your new EV charger! 

We work within your schedule and offer services for both residential homes and commercial businesses. When you choose us, you’re treated like family.

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Written by Denny Vannus

Denny is a seasoned professional with an impressive 25-year career at 4 Star Electric, a family-owned electrical company with a strong commitment to serving the community. Armed with both a master's and journeyman's license, he is not only an expert in his field but also a proud PEC (Professional Electrical Contractor). Denny's journey in the electrical industry began with a desire to make a substantial impact in his community and provide top-notch services to clients. He's not just about fixing circuits; he's about lighting up lives. Beyond his professional dedication, Denny is a devoted family man. Celebrating 20 years of marriage, he and his wife have an 11-year-old son who keeps them on their toes. When he's not immersed in the world of electrical systems, Denny enjoys kicking back and coaching his son’s soccer games. His unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and his vision of 4 Star Electric as an extended family for both clients and staff exemplify his passion for creating a harmonious, electrifying world.
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