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What is Involved in Rewiring a House?


So your property is over 60 years old and you’re considering rewiring—now what? Blown fuses, electrical shock, and fire are only a handful of the risks associated with an outdated or poorly wired electrical system. In this week’s article, we are going to explore the process of rewiring so that you know exactly what to expect from your electricians.

Step One – Preparing Yourself

The only way to know if you need your house rewired is by having a certified electrician in to inspect the electrical system. More often than not you may just need the connection points to be looked at, but if it is determined that you should have the place rewired, they will then make a plan of what exactly needs to be done. At this point, if you need any extra outlets or specific considerations, this is when you need to let the professionals know. Talk to your trusted electrician for a quote, but understand that cutting corners puts your family at risk for electrical hazards.

Step Two – Trust the Professionals

Rewiring your home is a major change. Our electricians always ensure that there is no mess left behind, as we can use non-invasive methods with no drywall damage. However, rewiring is an extensive project that can take several weeks to complete the entire house. Plan to have limited access to your home. Rewiring will affect every room of your home. Each outlet, cabling, and socket will need to be removed and replaced.

Step Three – Wrapping Up

Once the rewiring is done, your house will look the same as it had before we had done our work, as this type of rewiring requires no outward changes. Afterwards, our electricians are happy to walk you through the work that had been done and answer any questions you might have.

In summary, rewiring any property you own is a major investment that can take weeks to complete. Before the electrical work begins, ensure that you are prepared for what’s to come by talking to a trusted, certified electrician. If you live in the Calgary area and suspect you may need your property rewired, contact the experts at 4-Star Electric today!

Written by 4-Star Electric

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