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Are There Different Types of Electrical Panels?


Your electrical panel is the load center of your home. It’s where you go when the power shuts down and you need to turn it back on, and it is also the same place you go to when you’re working near wiring and need to make sure that the power is completely off. As an integral part of your home’s electrical capabilities, it’s important to understand what kinds of electrical panels exist and are best suited for your home.

At 4-Star Electric, we use Eaton, a global leader in electrical power management solutions, as our supplier for electrical panels. Eaton has long proven their reliability and cost-effectiveness for homeowners and businesses alike. Primarily, they use two different levels of panels based off the buss material that distributes power to your circuit breakers:

Copper Buss

As one of most common metals used in electrical applications, Eaton offers a copper buss for a selection of their electrical panels. In general, copper has better conductivity and can withstand more stress and higher temperatures than its aluminum counterparts, though the use of aluminum alloys can help level that comparison. Copper is also known for its long lifespan, and when it naturally oxidizes, the thin layer on the surface remains conductive, unlike aluminum.

Aluminum Buss

As an easy to manipulate and lightweight metal, aluminum alloys have grown in popularity the last few decades for electrical panels. It’s also a common material that remains cost-effective in competitive markets. Their lightness and maneuverability allows for customization, heat dissipation optimizations, and efficient installations.

Electrical panels are often hidden in out-of-the-way places, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t familiarize yourself with it. Knowing what panel, or combination of panels you have can help you troubleshoot problems more effectively. When it comes to electrical panels, 4-Star Electric is happy to suggest Eaton for new installations or help you troubleshoot and repair further electrical problems. Contact our licensed technicians today!

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