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Common Myths About Electrical Work & Safety


Ever since the ancient Greeks discovered electricity, humans have worked to harness it. A couple thousand years later, we are still finding new ways to use electricity. Unfortunately, when something is as universal as electrical energy, you’re bound to run into some myths or half-truths that have survived far too long. This week, we want to bust some of the myths surrounding electrical safety.

Myth: Power lines are insulated and therefore safe to be around.

Truth: Most power lines are bare to begin with or the insulation has degraded over time. It’s never safe to assume that an overhead power line is properly insulated so it’s best just to avoid it.

Myth: Rubber gloves are good insulators.

Truth: These types of gloves are made to keep your hands comfortable in hot water while you’re washing dishes, not to keep them safe in electrical applications. In fact, the name “rubber glove” is a bit of a misnomer since most of them are made out of a variety of materials in addition to rubber. Unfortunately, those other materials tend to be great conductors. That being said, a glove that is 100% rubber with no holes will serve just fine as an insulator.

Myth: Low voltage shocks won’t hurt you.

Truth: Ask any electrician and they will tell you that even lower voltage shocks can be painful and cause a lot of damage. Some voltages can trigger secondary shock hazards, such as being thrown to the ground.

Myth: Electricity won’t flow through me if I’m grounded.

Truth: Electricity loves to flow to the ground. If you’re grounded, you better believe you’re going to become part of the circuit. The unfortunate part is that it is going to hit all of your blood vessels and organs on the journey down.

Electricity comes with risk, and responsible use demands mitigating that risk. We hope that you can now go forward and recognize some of these myths before making an assumption that could put you in grave danger. If you have any questions regarding electrical safety in your home, don’t hesitate to contact our experts at 4-Star Electric today!

Written by 4-Star Electric

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