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How Can Home Automation Save You Money?


In 2018, it’s hard to deny the ubiquitous nature of technology. We use it in our schools and in our jobs, in our relationships and in our transportation. We even have a huge push for automation in our homes. This technology is more useful and affordable that ever before, but what can it do for you? Here are three areas where home automation can save you money over time:


Depending on your lifestyle, you could be spending anywhere from 20-40% of your electric bill on heating and cooling. Most HVAC systems are wasting energy on regulating unoccupied rooms. Smart thermostats allow temperatures to be programmed and adjusted from your phone. Some of these can even be adjusted by zone. That means you don’t have to worry that your son didn’t turn down the heat when he left for band practice.  Think about all the savings you will accumulate when your HVAC is only working when it absolutely needs to.


Households leaks thousands of gallons of water per year. All of that water is being reflected in your bills on top of the amount you are actually using. These leaks are often in discrete places that smart products will be able to detect before you ever do. If your concern is less about leaks and more about the amount of water you are using, there are products for that too! Smart shower heads, touch-free faucets, and automated sprinkler systems can all help stop the wasted water. Using less water means more savings at the end of the month.


Lights are often left on when they aren’t needed, or they are wasting energy because of inefficient and outdated fixtures. Timers and motion sensors will ensure that those lights will only be on when they are needed. Many smart lighting systems will also allow you to dim the lights in addition to these time-based features.

Home automation is widely based on the concept that we only use what we need and therefore we only pay for what we use. Programmable thermostats, automated water, and smart lighting systems are all ways that we can cut down on our usage, without cutting down on our quality of life. Try integrating some of these systems into your home and see how much money you save!

Written by 4-Star Electric

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