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Commercial Lighting Trends


2020 has been an intense year for everyone. Now that the Alberta government’s plan to relaunch the economy is rolling, many businesses are re-evaluating their set-up. From safety protocols to sales strategies, the pandemic has given all of us a fresh new look at how things are running. Many commercial businesses are taking this time to make much-needed changes. One of these shifts is lighting. While it may seem like a small factor, lights can affect our mood, productivity, and even your bottom line. Here are 3 commercial lighting trends that are designed to have a positive impact on your business:

Smart Integrated Technologies

Occupancy sensors, controls, and even wireless communication technologies can all be integrated into your commercial lighting system. This works as a benefit in a number of different ways. For one, lighting locations can be managed efficiently across a particular space. Furthermore, as you integrate smart tech into your business, your lighting will be compatible. This also provides an opportunity for predictive maintenance and increased security, two factors that have a direct impact on your bottom line. 

Natural Solutions

COVID-19 has had an immense impact on more than just our economy, but on our collective mental health as a community. Because of this, lighting solutions can be designed to uplift your employees, in addition to improving workflow and productivity. Luminaire designs that mimic natural light and cycles can actually improve depression, agitation, and other mental health challenges. Experts suggest this is because our circadian rhythm is so important. To achieve this, an effective lighting plan would need periods of bright light in the morning and decreased light exposure in the evening. For example, Tunable White technology adjusts colour temperature to imitate the natural shift from warm to cool light. 

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a trend that’s not likely to go away anytime soon. Consumers and employees alike want to know that the businesses they support are investing in energy-efficient solutions. Luckily, this is a quality that is more affordable and attainable than ever. The Canada Green Building Council has outlined ways in which industry leaders can invest in energy-efficient practices in all facets, including lighting design. Smart technologies can aid in this aspect, as well as choosing compact fluorescent, LED, or other highly efficient bulbs.  

In the past, commercial lighting trends have been mainly aesthetic choices, but the modern-day business owner knows that looks can’t be everything. This year, smart tech, natural hues, and energy efficiency are gaining more ground than ever before. All of these solutions are designed to keep your people motivated and your bottom line grounded. For a lighting design that hits all these benchmarks, contact the expert electricians at 4-Star Electric today.

Written by 4-Star Electric

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