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Difference Between Licensed Electricians and a “Handyman”


You’re ready to hire a professional for your upcoming electrical project, but you’re stuck on whether to use a handyman or a licensed electrician. You’re not the first to have this quandary, and you won’t be the last! Before you make a call, here is what you should know.

The Legalities

It’s vital to understand that while handymen are fine for minor repairs or renovations around the house, they are not actually able to do electrical or any other kinds of regulated work in your home without a license. Since most handymen in Canada are not licensed or insured, that means if something happens to your home, whether that’s violating a building code or creating an electrical hazard, you are legally responsible for fixing the problem. There’s no guarantee or warranty on a handyman’s labour or products. By hiring one to complete a task meant for an electrician, you are effectively putting your home and your family at financial and personal risk.

Unfortunately, many people are still unaware that they shouldn’t hire a handyman for regulated electrical work, and most handymen will be unwilling to expose their lack of licensing, insurance, and education when attracting clients. If anything goes wrong or the handyman causes more damage, you’ll be paying out of pocket for those repairs.

Knowledge Base

Compared to handymen, licensed electricians go through a minimum four years of training to get their certification. Over this time they have mandatory in-the-classroom lessons combined with on the job experience. Electricians dedicate themselves to learning about the safety, applications, and limitations of electrical systems along with the necessary building codes required to carry out that type of work.

When it comes to electrical repairs and projects, you will need a certified electrician for the job rather than a handyman. Don’t be taken advantage of by dishonest freelancers. For residential and commercial buildings in the Calgary area, we offer experienced and efficient electrical services that you shouldn’t trust to a handyman. See the difference for yourself and contact us for an appointment!

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