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When Was the Last Time You Had Your CO Detector Checked?


An invisible, odorless by-product of incomplete combustion, carbon monoxide (CO) is a deadly gas. CO poisoning can cause headaches, dizziness, vomiting, and even death. The unfortunate part is that the appliances in our homes can produce CO without us knowing. The good news is that there is a way to detect this dangerous gas before it causes serious damage: a CO detector. While you probably have one in your home, when is the last time you had it checked?

Short Lifespan

Many CO detectors only have a lifespan of 5 to 7 years. Certain environmental conditions could further reduce the amount of time a CO detector is in good, working order. Aside from the detector itself, some alarms require batteries. In these cases, it’s important to ensure that both the detector and the batteries work properly.

Obscure Labelling

Older CO alarms will not have an expiry date printed on them, but newer devices will. If you can’t find the expiry date on your CO detector, chances are you’re overdue for a new one. Even if your device is newer and hasn’t expired yet, make sure to test it at least once a year.

Push Button Test

To test your carbon monoxide detector, you first need to know what sort of test is specific to your device or model. Many CO detectors offer a “push test”, where you can hold down a test button on the device. Depending on the model, mostly commonly you may have to wait for a sequence of beeps or chirps, or for a given amount of time. Always double check the model type to see if it uses a push test, or some other kind of test.

Whether you need a new CO alarm or the one you have isn’t working, you can always call the professionals at 4-Star Electric Ltd. to help! We can help you get set up with a device that is fully functional, a device that could potentially save your life. Don’t wait for an emergency situation, call us today!

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