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Are You Going Overboard with Halloween Decorations?


For some of us, Halloween is the Holy Grail of holidays. There’s corn mazes to get lost in and jack o’lanterns to carve. There’s old horror movies on the T.V. and pumpkin pie baking in the oven. The best part is setting up a terrifying display that will have the neighbourhood kids talking about it for years to come. With all the Halloween pop-ups and decor options, it can seem that the sky’s the limit. But when is it actually too much? Here are some tips on how to ensure that the only danger in your home is the possibility of running out of candy.

Be Mindful of Fire Exits

That green witch may look pretty spooky sitting in front of the door, but in the case of an emergency she could easily become a trap. Ensure that all your decor is placed around the doorways instead of inside them. Garlands are usually fine as long as the doors and windows can be open and shut properly with them attached. Another point to consider is pathways. Too much decor can easily block fire exits. If you’ve got a haunted house going on inside your home, keeping the paths clear will also ensure your guests have a safe lane to flee without tripping!

Maintain a Higher Quality

You don’t get to be the best decorated home on the block by cutting corners. Pick and choose where you spend your hard earned money. Many electronics are fire hazards. You may think you’re getting a deal but you’re truly putting your home at risk. Only use quality electronic devices. Avoid anything with fraying cords or charred prongs.

Work Within Your Electrical Limits

If you want to get really fancy and use a lot of electronic gadgets to get your spook on, you’ll want to avoid plugging too many decorations into the same outlets. Bypassing this by adding more power bars will actually increase your risk of an electrical emergency. One way to safely prevent unwelcome shocks is by using ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs). If you want to make sure you have a GFCI available in your household, our electricians are always here to help.

Halloween is a time to get spooky and have some fun. Keep the festivities safe by following these simple tips. For an electrician serving Calgary and surrounding areas, contact the experts at 4-Star Electric Ltd. Wishing you a happy and safe Halloween season!

Written by 4-Star Electric

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