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Alternatives to Power Strips


We all have them tucked under desks and behind cabinets: power strips. They are an invaluable resource when you’re at home and when you’re out, but they are far from perfect. A bulky brick on one plug can block two free outlets. We’ve all been there, sitting cross legged on the ground trying to sort out a game of electrical tetris. Often, there are no winners here, you just have to accept that bigger bricks will eat up more outlet space. Furthermore, strips can be awkwardly shaped and challenging to mount. The good news is that power strip manufacturers are starting to offer alternatives to the traditional power strip.

Wall Splitters

Hate having to mount power strips? Try using wall splitters instead. These devices plug directly into your wall outlet; no cords, no fuss. Available with and without surge protection, these alternatives are a cost effective way to get the outlet space you need without struggling to attach a strip to the wall. Don’t most of us have the power strip right up against the wall outlet anyways?

Changing Shape

For those who need a change in scenery, there are several options out there to appease your aesthetic and practical eye. From cube shapes to towers, from revolving outlets to circles, power strips now come in all shapes and sizes. These generally work to keep the outlets spaced out in a way that large bricks will not take up more space than necessary. Some also offer more outlets and configurations that can be tucked neatly away.

Squid Solutions

There are even options out there which are physically flexible. These unique-looking devices are referred to as “squids.” Instead of plugging in your devices along a lateral plane, each outlet extends from the squid base on its own cord. By having 360° capability, this unit does a great job in eliminating the bulky brick issue.

Check out your local hardware store for other creative alternatives to your power strip woes! As always, we recommend only purchasing power strips with surge protection to keep your appliances and devices safe and sound. For more electrical advice and services, contact the technicians at 4-Star Electric at (403) 248-0037.

Written by 4-Star Electric

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