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Installing Motion Sensors


In 2018 alone, Calgary suffered from over 3000 cases of residential breaking and entering. It’s no wonder that Calgarians are desperate to find more ways to keep their homes safe. Motion sensors are one of the best ways to protect your home from unwanted guests. Even the threat of their existence can keep potential intruders at bay. However, having them installed in your home requires careful placement consideration. Your motion sensors won’t do much good if a thief can skirt right by them. Ensure that your security system is set up with efficiency in mind.

How Low Should You Go?

Motion sensors that are too low or too high won’t work properly. The most effective placement is to have them mounted between six to eight feet above the floor. In some cases, motion sensors can be installed on or right near the ceiling, but this only works if those ceilings are no taller than eight feet.

Placements to Avoid

In addition to height, homeowners need to be aware of several other factors when having their motion sensors installed. Avoid places that can confuse the motion sensors with intermittent heat and light. This means that sensors should not be placed near a heat source or directly across from a window. In that same vein, avoid putting sensors directly across from a door, as this will affect how they perceive ambient room temperature and movement.

Placements to Consider

Now that you know where not to put the motion sensors, you will have a better of idea of where you should have them installed. Corners are invaluable when it comes to motion sensors. From that space, the motion sensor can cover each entry point without obstruction. Hallways are another great place for sensors, particularly those ones that lead to bedrooms. Have the sensor in a spot that a thief would need to walk by to get to the bedrooms, since these sensors tend to work best when detecting side-to-side movement.

Enlist the Experts

Here at 4-Star Electric, we have done our fair share of motion sensor installations. Hiring an experienced team for the job means that you can rest assured knowing your security system is truly secure. As burglars get creative, security installations need to be more innovative than ever. Don’t cut corners when it comes to your safety. Contact us today to get started!

Written by 4-Star Electric

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