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USB Outlets: Are They Worth It?


USB, or universal serial bus, was released in 1996 and is still relevant today. Unlike many technologies that disappear or become outdated after a few years, USBs are used more than ever before. Not only that, but older models are still compatible with new ports, so a USB charging cord from 1996 will still work in your 2021 outlet. With the constant rise in personal devices that have USB charging capability, this seemingly little piece of tech isn’t going away anytime soon. For homeowners, this begs the question: should you have USB outlets installed in your house? Let’s take a look at some considerations to help you answer this question for yourself.


The most obvious benefit of USB outlets is convenience. No more rifling through drawers to find a wall adapter or stressing out about finding a place to plug in other devices. USB outlets can either be made up entirely of USB ports or have a combination of USB and traditional 3-prong receptacles. If you’ve ever had to unplug your floor lamp to plug in your phone, you know the frustration. Upgrading your outlet design can alleviate the stress, especially in rooms where you’re often charging devices.


A common question about USB outlets is if they are safe to use. As long as you have good quality outlets installed, they will be safe. Most traditional outlets supply 15-20 amps of power. Because that is way too much for devices like cellphones or tablets, USB ports have a reduced power output without an adapter. This keeps your home and your devices safe.


As with any electrical device, you get what you pay for, so skimping on quality when it comes to outlets is something you’ll want to avoid. USB outlets are comparable to regular GFCI outlets, so they won’t exactly break the bank. Also, be sure to consider how many upgraded outlets you want to invest in. Outlets in the hallway or kitchen may not necessarily need USB ports in the same way ones in the bedroom or living room might. Selecting specific outlets instead of overhauling every single one in your home will help you keep down the cost.

USB outlets are a great asset for people who have multiple devices in their home with USB charging capability. If you’re ready to make the switch, call in a licensed electrician to get the job done. Give our team at 4-Star Electric a call today to get started!

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