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Keeping Your Winter Electric Bill Low


Unlike other places in the world, the winter season in Alberta lasts several months and loves to hold on for as long as possible. It’s hard to know when we’ve seen the last of the snow, so that means our heat and light-making systems are always on call. Unfortunately, this constant vigilance can have an adverse effect on our monthly utility bills, even after the deep freezes and snow squalls are through. This week we want to look at some tried and true methods that will keep your electricity bill manageable, regardless of the temperature outside.

Utilize Your Windows

Subzero temperatures won’t exactly have you cranking open the windows but opening the blinds will be helpful in a number of ways. As the hours of daylight keep increasing, keeping the curtains open will keep you from turning on your lights all the time. Furthermore, that beautiful sun shining in will help heat the space, even by just a few degrees.

Keep Air Vents Uncluttered

Items like furniture or even dirty laundry can easily accumulate on top of vents. This blocks warm air from flowing into a room and forces your furnace to work harder to heat your whole home properly. If you have an electric furnace, this extra work all contributes to your electrical usage and ultimately your monthly bill.

Unplug Your Devices

According to EnergyRates.ca, Canadians can waste hundreds of dollars every year on devices that are left plugged in when not in use. This is because electronics can actually pull energy when turned off. Simply putting them in standby mode or flicking them to the off setting while plugged into the wall draws a small amount of electricity. Over time, this can add up. Even your phone charger could be costing you!

It’s perfectly normal for your electrical bill to spike in the wintertime, but if it seems to continually skyrocket, you have a problem. Start by using the above tactics to keep your costs under control. If you’re still forking out an obscene amount at the end of every month, it could be a sign that there is a problem within your electrical system. If this is the case, contact the experts at 4 Star Electric today for a prompt inspection.

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