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Standby Generators For Your Office


Backup generators aren’t just for your home, they can be incredibly useful tools for offices and other commercial spaces as well. If you’ve ever worked in Calgary during the summer, you’ve probably experienced a power outage. This could leave your entire building without electricity for hours or even days. Worse still, outages don’t care if you have a big presentation that afternoon or are rushing to meet a deadline. Being stuck without power could impact your workflow and productivity, not to mention your safety.

Why You Need a Generator

  • Office Equipment. Most businesses require specialized equipment to complete tasks. This could be anything from computers and printers to refrigerators and ovens. If a job needs to get done and the power suddenly goes out, a standby generator can supply energy to ensure that job is finished without a major interruption.
  • Lighting & HVAC. How challenging would it be for your staff to work and move around if all the lights suddenly go out? Or if the air conditioner stops working? These issues aren’t only a matter of comfort, but of safety. Navigating in the darkness can lead to dangerous trips and falls. Overheating can exacerbate a number of health issues.
  • Internet. All commercial businesses require an internet connection to run effectively. POS machines, computers, phones, and more typically need the world wide web to work. Many of these devices don’t have the option of switching to data in the same way your smartphone does.

Standby Generators

There are a handful of types of generators on the market today. Standby, portable, and solar generators are the most common of these. When it comes to office backup, standby generators offer the most convenience. As is suggested in the name, they remain on standby until there is an outage. Once the generator senses the interruption in power, it immediately kicks in. This is helpful because you don’t need to send someone to fumble around and turn on the generator. Current models are usually installed outside so that they don’t take up valuable square footage inside the office space.

Once you’ve decided that a generator would benefit your business, the next step is choosing the right size. This is where electrical experts like our team at 4 Star Electric come in. Our licensed electricians can ensure you invest in a generator that can power the space efficiently, provide a minimal voltage drop, and that the installation and model are compliant with the building codes. Give us a call at 403-248-0037 to get started!

Written by 4-Star Electric

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