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Prevent Electrical Appliance Fires


Prevent Electrical Shock and potential fires and unplug your toaster oven.

I absolutely love my toaster oven. It toasts, bakes and heats up food perfectly however, did you know that leaving your toaster oven plugged in allows for electrical current to continually flow into this appliance even when not in use? Depending on brand, condition and age of your toaster oven, it can remain “energized” especially when having recently used it thus, potentially igniting flammable items within, near or on this kitchen appliance.

It just takes a second to unplug after use, why not take preventative measures and invest the second it takes to reach to that outlet and pull the plug on your toaster oven? Let’s limit the risk and avoid the potential of shock and fires to your home.

I actually like to apply this rule to my other kitchen appliances too. After use, I pull the plug on my blender, my plug-in water kettle, my espresso machine and all smart-phone/tablet chargers/adaptors. After all, why not?

Need a new outlet or want to relocate an outlet in your kitchen to accommodate a kitchen appliance? Call 4-Star Electric and have our qualified electricians provide you with electrical service that is second to none! We are your electrical experts available 24/7 to repair, install and maintain your home’s electrical system.

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