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Setting Up an Entertainment Centre? What You Need to Know


For a lot of us, having a decked out entertainment center is the dream. Imagine kicking up your heels, putting on the game or movie, and just disappearing into the screen and surround sound audio for a few hours at a time. If that sounds like your own personal heaven, this article is for you! As nearly all the components of a media centre are electrical in nature, and we happen to be Calgary’s favourite licensed electricians, we are going to share some tips and tricks to getting the most out of your system.

Start with the Furniture

While this may seem like a counterintuitive step, arranging your furniture first will help set the stage for all the electronics to come. This will affect speaker placement, wiring, and access to outlets, so make sure to keep those components in mind.

Be Mindful of Cables

Wiring can get out of hand very easily, so it’s important to use clips and ties to keep everything tidy. A messy set-up will cause a couple of issues aside from not looking good. For one, this can create tripping hazards, making it more likely to accidentally pull out the cords. This causes unnecessary wear and tear. The other issue is that you’re less likely to spot hazards when everything is all tangled together. Frays and tears are much easier to spot when cords are organized neatly.

Practice Safe Circuitry

We know you want all the latest gadgets in your space, but be careful of overloading the circuits. Surround sound, television sets, speaker systems, and everything else all require a place to plug in. If you don’t have enough outlets, you will need to have more installed by a professional electrician.

Use Surge Protectors

Your entertainment centre is going to be using a lot of electricity. This creates a greater risk of electrocution, shock, and fire in the case of a surge. Surge protectors help to mitigate these hazards, so be sure to have every device plugged into one.

Keep it Cool

All those electronics are bound to produce a lot of heat. Wherever possible, opt for open cabinetry that will allow the heat to escape without producing a fire hazard. For closed cabinets, ensure there is sufficient air flow so that the heat doesn’t get trapped.

Done properly, your entertainment centre will last for years to come. If you think your home may need more outlets or an upgraded electrical panel in order to support your dream media room, we can help. Contact us today to get started!

Written by 4-Star Electric

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