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Get Energy Efficient Upgrades for Your Business


Energy efficient facilities aren’t just a trend; they are a new direction for commercial businesses all around Alberta. Not only does this work to reduce the strain on the environment, but energy efficiency allows facilities to run smoother while drastically reducing operating costs. In some cases, the government even offers rebate programs for installing high efficiency systems. This is a win-win scenario for every business owner. Here are some of the most impactful electrical upgrades you can implement in your facility to take advantage of these benefits.

LED Lighting

High quality LED lights typically last 25 times longer than their incandescent predecessors. That means changing the bulbs 25 times less often. That fact in and of itself is money and time saved. However, the energy efficiency of these bulbs is unparalleled. While it’s simple to just replace the bulbs, a more long term and effective upgrade would be to change your fixtures to LED ones. These are specially designed to take full advantage of the LED advantages, both inside and outside your commercial location. Depending on the purpose and location of your lights, your electrician can help you choose the best fixture to maximize LED use.

Lighting Controls

All businesses, both large and small, suffer from wasted energy when unoccupied spaces are being lit. Installing lighting controls mitigates the problem by ensuring that the lights are only ever on when the space is in use. Depending on the facility, lighting can make up to 40% of energy bills. Reducing the energy output in this area can make a significant difference from month to month.

A couple of changes that can greatly increase the efficiency of workplace lighting is through motion-activated lights and dimmers. The ability to have the lights only come on when people are working is already an obvious advantage to efficient energy use. Capitalizing on that is adding a dimmer function. One of the great things about lighting is that even if you turn it down by as much as 20%, the human eye won’t notice. Combine that with the power of motion sensors, and you have a reliable strategy for saving energy at work.

Running a high efficiency building is a decision that results in savings, possible rebates, and smoother operations. If you’re ready to upgrade, contact the experts at 4-Star Electric today!

Written by 4-Star Electric

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