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Surge Protection


What are Power Surges?

A power surge is basically a spike in your home’s electrical current. These surges are unavoidable and last less than a thousandth of a second, however, it can cause damage to your home, appliances, and electronics.

What causes a power surge?

A power surge can occur from anything that has the potential to boost the electrical charge

Power surges are caused by many different factors, including lightning, faulty or damaged electric wiring, or the sudden turning on an off of a high power electrical device like an air conditioner or large electric motor.

What are the benefits of having Surge Protection ?

How much money is attached to your home’s electrical system (Fridge, stove, air conditioner, TVs, computers, tablets, etc.)? With the average home experiencing approximately 20 energy spikes per day, these spikes reduce the life of your appliances and electronics by 30 percent.

How does Surge Protection work?

Surge protection should be addressed in two different ways, because all surges are not the same. Some start outside and work their way in. Others start from within the house itself. The two types of protection are whole-house surge protection and point-of-use surge protection.

Electrical surges coming from the outside of the home tend to be caused by things like lightning strikes and broken utility lines. These types of surges are less common than internal surges, but are more devastating to your home’s electrical system. Surges coming into your home from the main grid will not only destroy your sensitive electronics, but may also destroy all of your major appliances and damage the wiring in your walls as well.

Internal surges are generated from within the home. They make up about 70 percent of the power surges that a normal home confronts. They are usually not as devastating as surges coming from outside, but they will harm your home’s vulnerable electronics, such as televisions, computers and stereo equipment. The main cause of an internal surge is a sudden demand on the home’s electrical system. You may have noticed the lights dimming when the compressor in your refrigerator or air conditioner kicks on. This is the textbook definition of an internal surge.

Where can I get Surge Protection?

Calgary is notorious for its ever changing unpredictable weather, in particular – the wind storms. Wind storms frequently happen throughout the year bringing cold or warms gusts powerful enough to make garbage cans blow onto the streets and even re-arrange your backyard, including your BBQ. In some cases, you may even lose your home roof top and if you’re lucky, maybe only just a few shingles.

Older communities with tall and mature trees unfortunately also feel the brunt of these sporadic wind storms. Tree limbs split and typically take down overhead power lines causing power outages to a number of homes along the same street. This creates panic, especially during the cold months where electricity is essential.

There are instances where rainstorms follow these windstorms and sometimes a complete power outage doesn’t occur, but damages to appliances and other electrical devices surface as a result of a lightning strike.

In this day in age, we use and rely on many electronics and appliances many of which, remain plugged into outlets throughout our homes without recognizing the need to use power surge devices to avoid potential costly damage(s) to our belongings.

Your dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave oven, washer/dryer, thermostat, A/C and furnace, sprinkler system, TVs, computers, modem, hand-held charging mobile phones, tablets, etc., can all be affected by harmful overcurrent (power surges) throughout your electrical wiring system. Should lightning strike, these expensive household necessities are likely to be destroyed.

But have no fear, 4-Star electricians are near! Call us for a total power surge protection solution for your home today. We are Calgary’s electrical experts. To learn more about 4-Star Electric click here.

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