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What Is a Smart Smoke Detector?


Everybody knows that a working smoke detector saves lives. But to function at their very best and be on alert, traditional alarms do require some TLC from their owners.

However, we all lead busy lives, and sometimes small home maintenance tasks can slip through the cracks, no matter how integral to our safety they can be. Technology has produced many smart products that help us be more efficient and organized. One of the most recent advancements is the smart smoke detector.

In this blog, we’ll introduce you to smart smoke detectors and why they should be the next item you consider installing on your smart home journey.

What Does a Smart Smoke Detector Do?

At its core, a smart smoke detector is designed to do the same thing as its predecessors: alert you to dangerous smoke and help keep you safe from house fires.

But some of the added benefits of smart smoke detectors make them even more invaluable home safety devices.

What’s The Difference?

Traditional smoke alarms come in two main types: ionization and photoelectric. And smart detectors are no different.

Ionization smoke detectors are found in the majority of homes today. This type of smoke detector uses ionized particles to detect smoke in the air.

Photoelectric smoke detectors use a light sensor instead of particles to detect smoke. Once the smoke enters the device, it blocks the alarm’s light sensors, triggering it. Both are equally effective at alerting you to danger.

Before wireless technology, a smoke alarm was all but useless if you weren’t around to hear it. Smart smoke detectors have changed the game. These units will alert you to danger whether or not you are at home, potentially preventing catastrophe.

When an alarm is triggered, a smart smoke detector uses a wi-fi signal to connect to your devices via apps and networks. You receive a notification on your cell phone as soon as the smart alarm is set off.

Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Many smart smoke detectors on the market today double as carbon monoxide detectors. Carbon monoxide is a deadly, odourless gas produced from specific combustion.

In addition to alerting you to signs of a fire, a smart smoke detector can also alert you when dangerous CO gas is detected in your living space.

This is an especially useful remote feature. Gas could accumulate inside while you’re away, leaving a potential for danger. But intelligent alerts can notify you before you ever enter your home.

Increased Fire Safety

Like many other innovative home products on the market today, smart smoke detectors were created to make your life easier and your home safer.

Long Distance Alerts

Smart smoke detectors can alert you to danger inside your home no matter where you are, granted you’ve got a connected device handy.

This is essential for quick action to limit damage even if you’re nowhere near home. Some smart smoke detectors even have the ability to notify emergency responders directly.

Alerts to your phone could help wake you up in the night and save your life. But even when no one is home, smart alarms can help save your belongings.

Added Features, Added Protection

Smart smoke detectors are full of features to keep you safe. In addition to alerting you to smoke or gas inside your home, a smart smoke detector will also send warnings if the battery is low or there’s a problem with your home’s wiring (if your device is hardwired, which it should be).

The batteries should be replaced in your smoke detector twice a year, which can be easily overlooked due to the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Hardwired smoke alarms could also quickly lose power due to power surges, blown fuses, or fire damage.

Smart smoke detectors alert you to these issues faster, so you can quickly take action or call an electrician. Notifications make it less likely you’ll ignore fire safety maintenance.


Another benefit of smart smoke detectors is their ability to interconnect with each other.

Interconnected devices increase safety by communicating with each other once an alarm has been triggered. If one alarm goes off, they will all go off. A smart smoke detector will alert you to which area of the home danger is coming from, allowing for less confusion and a faster route to safety.

How Much Do Smart Smoke Alarms Cost?

Like any smart home device, intelligent smoke detector costs vary based on the product and availability. Most smart smoke detectors on the market will run you about $150 for the unit itself.

But it’s important to also budget for the cost of installation when figuring out if a smart smoke detector is a feasible solution for your family.

Operating costs are very low once a smoke alarm has been installed. But saving money with a questionable DIY installation is never recommended. You can damage your new device or, even worse, fail to protect your home safely.

Warranties & Guarantees

4 Star Electric offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all residential electrical work, including smoke detectors.

And if the device we install should fail within 3 years of your service date, we will redo the work at no extra cost to you.

Depending on certain home insurance policies, professional installation may be required for coverage.

Get Smart About Fire Safety

Get smart about fire safety with the installation of a smart smoke detector. It’s never been easier to integrate home fire and smoke safety with the convenience of mobile technology.

The knowledgeable and trained technicians at 4-Star Electric will help you select, install, and program the perfect unit for you and your family.

Stay connected, stay safe.

Written by 4-Star Electric

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