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7 Reasons Why Upgrading to LED Lights Makes Sense for your Business


Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are becoming one of the first choice bulbs for residential and commercial lighting due to a variety of factors. Business owners can benefit from using LED lighting within their buildings to save money and reduce environmental waste—while also boosting productivity.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, it isn’t. Below we’ve outlined the awesome benefits that LED lighting can offer you and your business. No matter how small or big your business may be, 4-Star Electric provides superior commercial electrical services and will meet your LED lighting needs with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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#1. LED Lighting Is Cost-Effective

One of the most appealing aspects of using LED bulbs is the long-run savings. LED lights are more expensive up front, but cost a fraction to run compared to regular light bulbs.

A standard bulb costs on average $7 to buy, and about $100 to run per year. On the other hand, an LED bulb may cost $50 to buy, but only costs about $12 to run per year—that’s a saving of $45 per year. Also, LED lights last for over 10 years, whereas regular bulbs may only last a couple—but we’ll get into that later.

Closeup of LED bulb.

#2. LED Lights Are More Energy Efficient

LED lighting gives off a lot of light while using very minimal energy. To be more specific, LED lighting is roughly 80% to 90% efficient, which means that only 10 to 20% of energy is lost to heat.

Standard incandescent light bulbs, on the other hand, lose about 80% of their energy to heat rather than lighting. This comparison shows just how much more energy efficient LED lighting is.

#3. LED Lights Need Less Maintenance

If you’re looking for low-maintenance lighting for your business, LED is the best option for you. LED lighting can provide between 50,000 and 100,000 hours (or 11 years!) of constant lighting, meaning you won’t have to replace your bulbs for over a decade!

In addition to the longevity LED lighting has, it’s also extremely reliable. LED lighting is less prone to failing abruptly, which is a risk with incandescent light bulbs—meaning you’ll spend less time replacing your lights and more time focusing on your business.

Well lit office using LED lighting.

#4. Increased Productivity for your Business

Believe it or not, but it’s been found that using LED lighting can lead to greater productivity for workers and increases in morale. Some LED lighting systems are able to mimic the bright light we experience from the sun, which harmonizes with our body’s natural clock. When exposed to white light emitted from LED lighting throughout the day, workers reported better quality sleep during the night.

LED’s ability to give off much less heat than regular fluorescent or incandescent bulbs is also said to improve comfort in workplaces, especially on hot summer days. Keeping a regulated temperature at your business can help increase productivity.

#5. LED Lights Can Come with Government Incentives

To fight the acceleration of climate change, the Government of Alberta is offering incentives for businesses who are contributing to incorporating energy saving tactics in their workplaces. The Energy Savings for Business (ESB) program has rebates starting at $1000 that cover most small-to-medium-scale businesses. This means even smaller businesses can apply for these incentives!

You can read more about the ESB program and find out whether your business is eligible at Emissions Reduction Alberta.

#6. No UV Emissions from LED Lighting

Traditional fluorescent bulbs emit ultraviolet (UV) radiation when giving off light. These emissions can be harmful over long periods of time. While fluorescent bulbs emit greater UV radiation than your standard incandescent bulb, LEDs give off almost no UV radiation—making them a safer choice for you and your employees.

#7. Environmental Benefits

In 2011, Statistics Canada found that only a third of Canadian households disposed of their light bulbs in a controlled way (i.e. proper recycling). The majority of these light bulbs were fluorescent bulbs, which typically contain mercury. When fluorescent bulbs are disposed improperly, the bulbs often break and leak mercury in the landfills. This mercury ends up contaminating the ground and waters nearby, accumulating in the bodies of fish and animals that we eat.

The point of that miniature science lesson is that LED bulbs do not contain any mercury! LED lights are considered non-toxic and do not contribute to the pollution of the environment—meaning you can feel good about having these lights in your home or business.

The City of Calgary recommends you dispose of your LED bulbs in your regular garbage, rather than recycling—and considering 66% of Canadians already throw their bulbs in the garbage, this makes switching to LED an easy way to fight climate change without altering your regular routine.

Hand turning light switch.

Ready to Make the ‘Switch’?

It’s clear that LED lighting offers many long-term benefits for business owners, from saving money to reducing your ecological footprint. If you’re ready to make the change over to LED lighting, give us a call so we can assist you with all your electrical needs. Still have questions? Check out our FAQ below!

Frequently Asked Questions about LED Lighting

How Long Does it Take to Install LED Lighting?

The time it takes to install LED lighting in your business will vary depending on the size of the property, the number of fixtures needed, and the available power supply at your site. Our experts will assess these factors during your consultation and provide you with a timeline for our services before any projects begin.

Can My Business Switch to LED Lighting without Pausing Our Operations?

Our goal is to get your LED lighting done as quickly and accurately as possible—without compromising on electrical standards and procedures. We take pride in respecting your business operations and will work discreetly in our designated work area, giving you and your business the privacy needed to continue with daily operations.

What Does Commercial LED Lighting Cost?

The total costs of switching your business over to LED lighting range from about $100-$300 per fixture, including labour and materials. For a quote specific to your business, contact us and arrange for an in-depth consultation with our expert team.

How Much Money Can My Business Save with LED Lighting?

We’ve already mentioned above that LED lighting can save you approximately $45 per fixture every year—but what does that look like on a larger scale?

LED Lighting can help your business cut down on the electricity it uses for lighting by up to 80%. Since lighting alone makes up about 12% of energy costs for the average business, the savings over time make LED lighting a worthwhile investment.

Can LED Lighting be Paired with Dimmers?

Yes! LED lighting is compatible with a dimming option. Many businesses use dimmers to adjust the environment for the customers. For example, a restaurant may dim their lighting at night to improve the ambiance for their guests.

Can LED Lighting Make a Workplace Safer?

As mentioned earlier, LED lighting can improve productivity—but LED lighting also creates a safer work environment for your employees. LED lighting provides more visibility, which can prevent injuries or accidents in places such as warehouses or places with large machinery. LED lighting is also easier on the eyes and glare-free, which can prevent visual errors and help avoid safety incidents.

Written by 4-Star Electric

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