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Why It’s Important that Electricians Follow Regulations


Electricians follow a strict set of guidelines in order to complete their work. It may seem tedious or unnecessary to the onlooker, but it turns out that these regulations are incredibly important for a number of different reasons. 

Codes and Regulations

In Alberta, electricians and electrical systems are required to comply with the Canadian Electrical Code. For example, anyone wanting to do electrical work must obtain the appropriate permit. This ensures that DIY electricians with little experience don’t attempt a project on their own, putting themselves and their home at risk. There are also rules that outline which materials to use and what safety precautions must be taken. 

For Their Safety

An electrician’s main responsibility is to mitigate risk. Their profession consistently puts them in harm’s way. Electrical fires or a short circuit can be disastrous in general, but are potentially fatal to a professional working in confined spaces. Additionally, electricians can be easily exposed to asbestos, lead paint, solvents, or other hazardous materials while working on the wiring within your home. From all this, it is evident that closely following safety regulations is a necessity for any professional electrician. 

For Your Safety

The risk of fire, electrocution, and shock does not disappear when your electrician leaves the premises. Whatever work that they do on your home will directly impact the safety of your electrical system. Hiring a professional who is willing to take shortcuts or bypass regulations may save you money now, but will exponentially increase your chances of experiencing an electrical emergency. Electrical fires travel quickly through walls and a powerful shock won’t even give you a millisecond to react. Because of this, adhering to the proper codes won’t only keep you and your family safe, but they will also keep your insurance down. No insurance company will want to provide home insurance for a house that won’t pass a proper electrical inspection.  

Complying with electrical regulations can mean the difference between minimizing electrical hazards and opening up your home to an electrical disaster. For homeowners in the Calgary area, we offer electrical services from certified electricians that prioritize the health and safety of your family. Contact us today for an appointment.   

Written by 4-Star Electric

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